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Web Design Studio Design21th

Design21th Web Dizajn studio is situated in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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We are specialized in providing web design services, programming, e-commerce solutions, web marketing services for SEO and SEM - search engine optimization, graphic design and digital printing. Our mission is to satisfy all customer's needs in the field of web design, graphic design, programming, web marketing and other requirements which the client requires.

Our goal is not to deprive Your time and money, because in our interest is to have as many satisfied customers worldwide.
Converting concepts and ideas into creative theme is is what we want to emphasize and with that we're sending a professional-positive message throughout the world.
An excellent team of professionals with a positive attitude and a desire for advancement in all aspects of web design, programming, graphic design, digital printing, etc. helps define our relationship to work.
Creativity is what we are focused and innovation is our goal.
Our policy is to understand your business needs, whether you are a small or medium enterprise or a large industry, we approach with the same passion, honesty and dedication towards the job.
Our method of work is simple - the perfection on every level.

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Web Design Studio Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Design21th

Web Design Sarajevo, Bosnia i Herzegovina

Webdesign Sarajevo - Webdesign Bosnia


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Web design

Design21th offers custom web design solutions to every clients that meets business requirements. The design follows the Web 2.0 standards that are consistent with the W3C standards of regularity.
Web sites may have different contents and functions, including e-commerce sites, portals, content management system CMS, databases, etc.
Our experienced web design team brings you the best solutions for all of our clients including professional guidance for better functionality and adequate presentation that will offer your website.
The combination of creativity and technical skills of our team, brings you the best interactive web design solutions.

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Graphic design

The graphics and interactivity radically change the way we perceive information about services, products, so we even pay attention on culture and philosophy of the business. Design21th is a dynamic design team that has the professionalism and experience in graphic design.
Graphic Design gives us endless possibilities to creatively express ourself in the desired direction. Our graphic designers have a tendency to often exceed customer expectations, of course intuitive.
What else to say except that our superior graphic design services we offer at very reasonable prices for our customers.
Do not hesitate, join the best.

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Logo design

Logo is not just a graphic. Logo should represent the brand and the foundation of your business.
For logo design is usually believed to be one of the most important areas in graphic design and therefore requires complex and demanding work to achieve perfection.
A good logo is unique and distinctive, functional and can be used in different contexts and to thereby maintain its integrity.
Design21th team technically and creatively capable of developing, building and creating a unique identity - a unique logo for your business.

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3D design

Graphic design and 3D modeling
3D modeling and graphic design comes in the framework of Web project. Covering the design, layout and web sites, creation of a logo , making animation, texture for 3D models and create 3D models.

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Digital print

Digital Print, Textil print (textil), PVC print

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Vlasnik ste websajta i potrebna Vam je usluga održavanja, ažuriranja i osvježavanja sadržaja, a sve to u cilju bolje prezentacije Vašim korisnicima, nudimo Vam idealno rješenje u tri paketa naših usluga.


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SEO Optimization

SEO igra dominantnu ulogu u popularizaciji i posjećenosti Vaše web stranice. Naš tim stručnjaka postiže rezultate orijentisane na optimizaciju za web stranice. Mi radimo detaljnu analizu u kontekstu web stranice sa cjelokupnim sadržajem, kodingom i analizom konkurencije kako bismo dobili najbolje rezultate. Naše optimizirane web stranice mogu se vidjeti s visokim rangiranjem na tražilicama poput Google, MSN / Bing, Yahoo, Alta Vista i mnogim drugim, dajući klijentima prednost u poslu koji žele prezentirati svojom web stranicom.

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